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Newcastle Memorial Walk

About Newcastle Memorial Walk

The Newcastle Memorial Walk is a stunning tribute to the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers during World War I. Opened in 2015, the date also recognizes the beginning of steelmaking in Newcastle. This monument was constructed using 64 tonnes of stainless steel, its glistening surface reflecting the extraordinary bravery of our soldiers. Along the walkway are steel silhouettes of soldiers, creating an emotional and poignant journey for visitors. Additionally, almost 11,000 Hunter Valley men and women who served during World War I are commemorated with their names printed on the walkway.

Newcastle’s coastal walk just got even more spectacular with the addition of the memorial walk’s second section. Connecting the walk to the iconic Bathers Way, visitors are treated to a six-kilometre stroll along the stunning coast of Nobbys Beach to Merewether Beach, taking in breathtaking cliff-top views along the way. But it’s not just the views that make this walk unique. The memorial walk, with its winding path, intricate plaques and essential message on peace and freedom, is a moving tribute to those who have served in the Australian military. Visitors can pay their respects at any time of the day or night, with the path festooned with lights to guide their way. This awe-inspiring development is a must-visit for anyone who wants to soak up the natural beauty and rich history of Newcastle.

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What to do at Newcastle Memorial Walk

Walking the 160-meter-long bridge, visitors are taken to a breathtaking viewing platform, offering a moment of reflection and appreciation for the sacrifices made for our country. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Australia’s Hunter Valley with the incredible walkway built with 64 tonnes of stainless steel. This winding path offers unparalleled views of the coastline, the city, and even the Hunter Valley itself. This impressive walkway features a 160-metre cliff-top bridge adorned with steel silhouettes of soldiers inscribed with nearly 4,000 family names of almost 11,000 known Hunter Valley men and women who enlisted during World War I. Not only does it offer stunning views and historical significance, but it also links to Council’s Bathers Way promenade development, a six-kilometre coastal walk stretching from Merewether Ocean Baths to Nobbys Beach. This is truly an unforgettable experience that combines natural beauty, history, and exercise for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction is:

Website: Decking Newcastle

Address: 4/394 Maitland Road Mayfield NSW 2304

Phone: (02) 6699 1487