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Creating Unique and Captivating Spaces with Timber Decking Newcastle

Do you want to create a space that is unique and captivating? Timber decking might be the solution! An increasing number, Timber decking is the material of choice for stylish or contemporary gardens. It has an inherent warmth and beauty that enhances its surroundings, making the atmosphere somehow softer and calmer.

Timber Decking is a natural material that combines lightness and grace with durability.

Harmonious to plants with which timber has a natural synergy, timber decking also works well alongside other materials and offers enormous scope and design flexibility.

With timber decking, you can create unique spaces in character – something hard to achieve with any other material.

Timber decking offers a natural warmth that is perfect for gardens.

Timber decking is an eco-friendly material that works well in both natural and urban environments. Timber Decking Newcastle will help you create a custom timber deck tailored to your needs – at a great price!

We local deck builders providing excellent quality workmanship using the best materials available for every job we undertake – ensuring our customers have designs they love with deckings they can enjoy for years to come. Please find out more about what you want to be based on your preference; contact us today!


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    Enhance your garden and reap the benefits!

    Timber decking is ideal for your garden and offers numerous advantages like natural, sustainable, and long-term investment.

    Timber decking will provide an attractive garden area that all members of the family can enjoy! All types of wood have their unique qualities – depending on what kind of project you’re undertaking, we’ll help you find the right one for you.

    Juliet from Kotara, 2289

    “Very professional to deal with. After a day of contacting them, I’ve got a reasonable quote with an even more reasonable construction schedule. From the get-go, these guys knew what they were doing. Peter took care not only of the design but of the project management as well. The final product was a millboard decking patio with a flat timber frame roof. It completely exceeded my wildest dreams. Thank you very much Decks Newcastle for an outstanding job”.

    Perfect Design Space That's Uniquely Yours Using Timber Decking

    Timber decking is a virtual extension that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor living area.

    Deck Railing Styles

    Timber Decking Newcastle offers a variety of deck railing styles to choose from. We can assist you in deciding which is best for your project, depending on what material suits you best and how much maintenance it requires.

    Timber Outdoor Living Space

    Add some timber decking or an extension to create an outdoor living space that’s perfect for entertaining guests!

    Timber Decking And Railings

    There are many advantages to using timber as part of your home improvement project. Its sustainable properties and natural beauty, accessibility in terms of design options (timber decks come in so many different shapes) and size (whether large or small), long-term investment.

    What's the best timber for decking?

    Merbau decking, Western red cedar, and decking treated pine are the most popular and, frankly, most dependable decking materials for the various types of timber available.

    Western Red Cedar Timber

    The Western red cedar timber has a pleasant, clear colour with variations of pink to reddish-brown, and it’s straight-grained, which makes it perfect for use in outdoor projects such as decks or pergolas.

    Merbau decking

    It is a type of timber with a distinctive grain pattern, often used for decking. The wood has natural oils that resist decay and insects.

    Decking pine

    One of the most common types of softwood available, this wood can be treated against rot and insect attack to make it resistant to decay.

    Each kind of timber will have its unique characteristics. It all comes down to factors including budget, size, appearance, colour, and more.

    Susan from Maryland, 2287

    “We wanted to have the decking area around our pool. We’ve got a bunch of quotes from deferent builders, and Decking Newcastle wasn’t the cheapest one. We chose them because of the professionalism and confident they provide from the first contact we made.

    It was the best decision since we bought this house. These guys always show up on time, extremely prompt to answer all our questions and always very polite. The quality of our deck is excellent and will definitely recommend these guys. Thanks again”.

    Decking Newcastle guarantees the best quality to ensure customers are satisfied.

    We aim to provide the perfect decking for your needs.

    At Decking Newcastle, we employ a team of skilled tradesmen to ensure that you get the best quality and workmanship. We provide every customer receives the most suitable product.

    Decking materials: Timber is an excellent choice as it can be stained or treated with wood preservatives if required; this means there are many different varieties of finish available to suit any taste (from natural oils used by Merbau species to more traditional finishes such as oiled pine)


    “Decking Newcastle came to install a covered decking patio for us a few months ago. The finished product is a unique structure beautifully made in our backyard.

    From the sales guys to the project manager and the carpenters, every single one of them was professional and friendly. They went above and beyond to fulfil our desires. There was a detail explanation of the project from the start, and everything went according to that plan. 

    As an environmentally friendly family, we always try to do our best for the planet. We didn’t know there were recycled plastic deck boards available in the market. We jumped on board as soon as Peter mentioned them. They look exactly like natural timber”.

    “I cannot express enough gratitude to Peter from Decking Newcastle. I happen to work in the construction industry, so I kind of know the ins and outs of how to deal with builders. These guys were the most professional from the moment we engagement asking for a quote till the handing over of the deck. They always show up in time. Always prompt to answer all our question, as well as keeping us informed of any changes. Even the quote for the material was much better than what we were able to find. They didn’t waste a single day; they come to work even on those rainy days.

    Anyways, for a reliable, affordable and expert decking work get in touch with the guys at Decking Newcastle. You will regret it if you don’t.”

    “Peter, let me tell you that your job has been fantastic. I still remember the vivid vision that you painted for us the first day you visit our backyard. You change our lifestyle 180 degrees. From the excellent millboard decking price you’ve got for us to the vinyl deck railing, all was great. 

    The team of carpenters from Newcastle Decking that show up at our house was very professional from the first day. They finished the whole deck structure in no time. 

    My wife and I are thrilled with the final product and would like to wish the best for your business. We will definitely recommend Decking Newcastle to all our friends and family.”

    Benefits of Working with Decking Newcastle

    It can be hard to find a trusted contractor to install and maintain your decking. Decking Newcastle is a high-quality company that will provide you with the perfect timber deck for your needs and budget, installed by registered tradesmen who have been trained in all aspects of Timber installation.

    Our prices are competitive: We make sure we offer our customers great value for money; all of our products come with the guarantee to ensure peace of mind.

    We design everything carefully: Our team takes care when creating outdoor living areas to suit their surroundings and be practical – not just aesthetically pleasing! Whether it’s a small area or something expansive, this attention to detail ensures customer satisfaction.

    Decking Newcastle provides excellent customer service, free quotes, and estimates, as well as information on how we will get the job done correctly from start to finish.

    Call us now on (02) 6699 1487 if you’d like information about how Decking Newcastle can help you.


      Decking Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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