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Decking Newcastle - Building Verandahs with Quality

Verandahs are a popular addition to many homes in Newcastle because they provide outdoor shelter and an extension of living space. Verandahs enhance the aesthetics of your home and offer places where you can relax, even on rainy days.

Custom-Style Verandah from Decking Newcastle

Decking Newcastle specializes in constructing high-quality verandahs for your home that will last for decades to come! We offer custom designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

A verandah is a popular addition to many homes in Newcastle because they provide outdoor shelter and an extension of living space. If your a person who enjoys taking breakfast and dinner outside, you will love having a verandah. Verandahs boost the look of your home and provide places where you can relax even on rainy days.

Our team has been building quality decks in Newcastle for years, and we’re dedicated to providing top-notch service each time we work on an order.

Enhance the look of your home with a custom verandah from Decking Newcastle. A veranda is often installed as part of a renovation or new construction project to add additional living space outdoors.


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    What is the difference between a Verandah and a Pergola?

    Selecting between a pergola and a verandah is a personal decision. Verandahs are roofed and built for sitting, while pergolas are open to the elements, like greenhouses or sunrooms.

    Pergola is a type of veranda, but not all verandahs are pergolas. A pergola is an outdoor roofed porch with columns or posts on either side and a sloping roof that provides shelter from precipitation.

    Most people think of pergolas when adding extra room outside their homes. Still, some prefer the convenience of having a closed space like a veranda where they can sit out and enjoy nature while still being protected from inclement weather conditions.

    Verandah is more commonly used in the southern United States, while pergola is more prevalent in other parts of North America and Europe.

    If you live up north, it’s probably not a great idea to have an open-air structure that would let snow or freezing temperatures into your home during the winter months.

    Juliet from Kotara, 2289

    “Very professional to deal with. After a day of contacting them, I’ve got a reasonable quote with an even more reasonable construction schedule. From the get-go, these guys knew what they were doing. Peter took care not only of the design but of the project management as well. The final product was a millboard decking patio with a flat timber frame roof. It completely exceeded my wildest dreams. Thank you very much Decks Newcastle for an outstanding job”.

    Do I need Planning Approval for my Verandah?

    Planning approval can be required by some municipalities depending on where you live – check with your local city before starting work! If you don’t need planning approval, then there will be no cost associated with getting started. However, if this does apply, they may charge a fee, and you may need to contact them for more information.

    Verandah construction is beneficial as it increases safety by providing greater visibility within your property while simultaneously adding value because they’re aesthetically pleasing additions that attract buyers interested in homes with outdoor spaces. They can also be used as entertainment areas where family members gather or socialize.

    Your Verandah will be crafted with the finest materials and construction skills available.

    At Decking Newcastle, we are committed to constructing high-quality verandahs for your home. We take care of every detail to ensure that the Verandah you have is as durable, safe and long-lasting as possible.

    Our team of experts will design a verandah with your preferences taken into account, so it suits your home’s architecture while also being functional for its intended use. Our designers carefully consider your desired features before they finalize the project design, which is then provided to you at no cost, allowing you to see what can be done without any financial commitment on your part.

    Veranda designs are a matter of choice, and our skilled designers will work with you to give you the perfect layout. We offer custom designs and exceptional craftsmanship, so don’t hesitate to contact us about our services today!

    Verandahs in Newcastle that are built to last!

    We’re not your typical verandah installation company. We use quality materials, and we only hire artisans, which means you get a high-quality new verandah from Decking Newcastle for years to come!

    We build verandahs that reflect your style and taste, so whether you’re looking for a modern-looking patio or one that is more traditional in design, Decking Newcastle can create the perfect custom verandah to meet your needs.

    As years of experience in building quality structures that will stand the test of time! Verandahs are an investment into your home’s future beauty as well as comfort.

    We pride ourselves on taking extensive care in every step of the design process – from measurements and site planning through construction as well as the final installation. We made sure that only top quality materials are used when building your decking project because we know it is essential to make sure everything lasts long into the future. Our team strives for perfection by constantly striving for excellence!

    A verandah is a great way to add value and enjoyment to your home.

    Adding a verandah will increase the value of your property and give you extra living space.

    We only employ quality materials for all our verandahs to last longer and need less maintenance in time!

    Decking Newcastle is committed to preserving the environment by using eco-friendly products and upcycled timber when constructing new structures. Our professional team includes experts with skills ranging from carpentry to building management, which means we can create a high-quality design no matter how small or large it may be. You can trust Decking Newcastle’s experience and know-how to look after your home’s needs!

    Susan from Maryland, 2287

    “We wanted to have the decking area around our pool. We’ve got a bunch of quotes from deferent builders, and Decking Newcastle wasn’t the cheapest one. We chose them because of the professionalism and confident they provide from the first contact we made.

    It was the best decision since we bought this house. These guys always show up on time, extremely prompt to answer all our questions and always very polite. The quality of our deck is excellent and will definitely recommend these guys. Thanks again”.

    Custom-made and tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

    Veranda designs can be customized, and our team of craftsmen has years of experience in building quality, long-lasting structures that will stand the test of time!

    Verandah Enhancements:


    Protects against sun exposure and rain and being aesthetically pleasing with its natural colour options (grey or white). Awnings can also be a great way to add shade and protection to your outdoor living area.

    Paint Finish

    Provides a smooth paint finish with UV protection.

    Solid Roof Covering

    Prevents heat transfer during daytime hours on hot summer days. It also helps retain heat at night when temperatures drop before winter sets in.

    At Decking Newcastle, we offer free consultation services where one of our expert professionals will come out and meet with you about all things decking related including safety standards for children, how best to showcase outdoor space, and more!


    “Decking Newcastle came to install a covered decking patio for us a few months ago. The finished product is a unique structure beautifully made in our backyard.

    From the sales guys to the project manager and the carpenters, every single one of them was professional and friendly. They went above and beyond to fulfil our desires. There was a detail explanation of the project from the start, and everything went according to that plan. 

    As an environmentally friendly family, we always try to do our best for the planet. We didn’t know there were recycled plastic deck boards available in the market. We jumped on board as soon as Peter mentioned them. They look exactly like natural timber”.

    “I cannot express enough gratitude to Peter from Decking Newcastle. I happen to work in the construction industry, so I kind of know the ins and outs of how to deal with builders. These guys were the most professional from the moment we engagement asking for a quote till the handing over of the deck. They always show up in time. Always prompt to answer all our question, as well as keeping us informed of any changes. Even the quote for the material was much better than what we were able to find. They didn’t waste a single day; they come to work even on those rainy days.

    Anyways, for a reliable, affordable and expert decking work get in touch with the guys at Decking Newcastle. You will regret it if you don’t.”

    “Peter, let me tell you that your job has been fantastic. I still remember the vivid vision that you painted for us the first day you visit our backyard. You change our lifestyle 180 degrees. From the excellent millboard decking price you’ve got for us to the vinyl deck railing, all was great. 

    The team of carpenters from Newcastle Decking that show up at our house was very professional from the first day. They finished the whole deck structure in no time. 

    My wife and I are thrilled with the final product and would like to wish the best for your business. We will definitely recommend Decking Newcastle to all our friends and family.”

    Let's Make Your Dream Home Extension and Outdoor Living Area!

    Having a Verandah is an excellent way to extend your living area outside and enjoy the fresh air. Our Verandahs at Decking Newcastle are built with quality materials that will last for a lifetime, even though all types of weather conditions such as rain, windstorms, or ice storms.

    Verandahs are great to enjoy the fresh air outside while avoiding weather conditions like rain and windstorms or ice storms. They can be designed for any house with quality materials that will last a lifetime.

    Decking Newcastle can design a Verandah for your home that will add beauty and increase the value of your property. Please contact us not for a free design consultation!


      Decking Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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