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Decking Newcastle is the expert in the region when it comes to building and maintaining decks and timber floorings. However, we don’t stop there, from balustrade to frame & truss erection, our expert carpenters have years of experience in the field.

No job is too big or too small for us. We have been operating in Newcastle for decades alongside commercial and residential customers. If you are looking for the experts in Merbau decking, call us today and get a free quote.

The Expert Deck Builder in Newcastle

Enjoying the outdoors after a day of work from the comfort of your backyard deck is excellent. A garden timber deck can provide you with the space you and your family need to relax. Imagine how much you would enjoy those family barbecues with a deck construction. At Newcastle Decks, we can help you achieve that outdoor decking set up of your dreams. In other words, there is nothing better than chill out on top of decking boards.

At Decking Newcastle, we work tirelessly to provide the best floor decking for our customers. Firstly, our carpenters have vast experience with hardwood decking as well as composite timber decking. Secondly, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our patio deck work won’t stop until you are delighted. We accomplish this by listening to your desires and by using the best decking supplies in the market.

On the other hand, we provide a comprehensive approach when it comes to building a deck. Our deck designers have a complete understanding of best wood for outdoor patio and deck structure. Our carpenters know all the best composite decking. Likewise, our team knows all the cutting edge method about deck maintenance.

In conclusion, Newcastle Decks is your best local bet for all your deck and patio needs. On the other hand, Deck Builders Lake Macquarie is one of the leading decking solution providers in the city of Lake Macquarie. Call us today for a free assessment and find out the cost to build a deck.


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    About Decking Newcastle

    Newcastle Decks is family-owned business specialises in timber and composite decking. As licensed builders, we have been in the local industry for years. Furthermore, we also provide timber flooring services as well as roof truss, balustrade, handrail and stunning verandah. We pride ourself in providing professional services. We make sure on seeing your porch deck project through from start to finish.

    Firstly, our decking process starts with a complimentary quote. Furthermore, the quotation is carried out by a qualified carpenter. Of course, we can provide drawings, or If you already have your own, we can work from them.

    Secondly, we can assist with any of your outdoor building projects. From building a deck on the ground to repairing a floating deck, our builders have tried it all. We understand that every customer has different needs. In other words, we offer various solutions to each one of them. For example, not one of our above ground pool with deck is the same as the next one.

    To sum up, our carpenters build exterior deck structure that lasts for years to come. As one of the leading deck companies in Newcastle, we provide a product that your family will enjoy. However, it will also be comfortable and increase the value of your property.

    Juliet from Kotara, 2289

    “Very professional to deal with. After a day of contacting them, I’ve got a reasonable quote with an even more reasonable construction schedule. From the get-go, these guys knew what they were doing. Peter took care not only of the design but of the project management as well. The final product was a millboard decking patio with a flat timber frame roof. It completely exceeded my wildest dreams. Thank you very much Decks Newcastle for an outstanding job”.

    About our Decking Services

    As Newcastle deck builders, we offer a unique variety of services range from Trex composite decking to glass balcony balustrades. In our experience, residential clients look to bring to life the designs of their dreams, so the need for customisation is a must. Here is when a seasoned carpenter with experience in installing decking becomes handy, rather than one with cheap decking options.

    On the other hand, we also repair and maintenance all kind of decks. We fix and repair all composite deck boards, as well as timber decking boards. Although, you can find contractors with lower composite decking prices, hiring a professional decking builder will get you the best results. In other words, a professional metal roof decking will substantially increase your property value.

    Are you looking for a deck replacement in Newcastle? When it comes to recycled decking, we have the tools and the knowledge to make it happen. Once very popular, pine decking was cheap and sustainable. The reality of the material is that it does last much and has a shorter life than ironbark decking or even plastic decking.

    To sum up, building decks is in our blood. From robust blackbutt to a complicate pool deck, we can bring it to life. Call us today for free advise and quote.

    Above ground harwood timber deck with wooden white balustrade. There is a table with a beach umbrella and a few outdoor chairs at the back

    Timber Decking

    As our name state it, we specialise in creating beautiful outside deck areas with the sole purpose of relaxing. The quality of our constructions come from using the best wood for decking. Moreover, when it comes to decking options, we provide the broadest range in Newcastle. For example, synthetic decking and artificial decking are quite popular nowadays. Therefore, they won’t have that natural smell of the hardwood timber flooring, but they will last forever.

    On the other hand, when it comes to installing composite decking, our carpenters have years of experience in the field. By working with deck contractors, you don’t have to worry about any requirements that non-professionals builder can slip aside. From deck seal to waterproof decking, our expert will take care of everything.

    Are you looking for ecodeck for your walkways? These beautiful footpaths complement any outdoor setting. Likewise, they can easily join a covered patio with your pool area. Similarly, walkway decking can also allow for suitable corridors to your property. If you are worried about the composite decking cost for a boardwalk, our rates are very competitive. Sometimes decking timber prices can fluctuate quite a bit. However, you can always get hold of cheap composite decking material.

    In conclusion, decks can totally change your exterior space. Composite wood decking provide an area to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Hosting a party or merely having a family bbq on an outdoor timber patio makes all the difference in the world.

    Two carpenters installing composite decking onto a steel frame

    Composite Decking

    As the go-to deck installation specialist in Newcastle, we work with a wide range of building materials. With many qualities like the ability to endure the Australian weather and extreme strength, composite woods are a popular option these days. If you have an extended family that include pets, this is the best option for you.

    Firstly, with such a variety of material, composite decks substantially reduce maintenance. Furthermore, brands like ModWood decking last for longers period of time. It’s basically recycled milk bottles and timber leftovers. Therefore, the combination of these two materials forms a solid construction that withstands the harsh weather. If you are looking for long-lasting and low maintenance, another option could be Trex decking. Last but not least, you can also find composite decking bunnings at your local store, of course.

    Secondly, regards the installation of a plastic wood deck, the process is not different than any other building material. From white composite decking to black composite decking, you only need to make sure you order the right amount of boards. Moreover, as mention before, there are different brands and types of recycled plastic decking. For example, you can choose the finishes that you like and also the wood grain patters. Not to mention, the variety of colours as well.

    In conclusion, if you are searching for a long-lasting deck, you should consider using composite boards. Likewise, plastic deck boards are remarkably cheap in comparison with hardwood deck boards. So if you are looking for an affordable option, composite decking builder can assist you.

    Merbau decking boards in dark brown shades

    Merbau Decking

    One of Australia favourite timber, Merbau is usually the first option for builders and homeowners alike. If you are in the process of renovating or instaling a new deck, this variety of timber will pop up in your research. Let’s dig in into some of the advantages and disadvantages of Merbau decks.

    Firstly, Merbau main feature is its fire resistance. With bushfires becoming more and more dangerous, having a natural fire retardant material for your deck is a must. Furthermore, another quality of this timber is its low rate for expansion and shrinkage.

    Secondly, many people fall in love with the deep copper colour of this timber, as well as its grain pattern. Merbau is straightforward to work with, while still strong and durable.

    On the other hand, as with any timber decks, you will be required to do a yearly deck resurfacing. You will also face some deck staining cost once in a while. Merbau is an oily timber and it laches quite a lot. It takes some time for the wood to dry out naturally. For this reason, it’s not recommended to be used next to other light timber, as well as concrete or white tiles.

    Exterior hardwood decking area in Newcastle. There is also outdoor pool chairs and a table next to it
    Shinny timber deck Recently resurfaced by Decking Newcastle expert carpenters
    Above ground timber decking floor. The plastfor has no roof and there are some outdoor chairs
    Plastic composite deck area in a residential property. The plastform has a white timber balustrade

    Spotted Gum Decking

    One of the most attractive decking timbers, Spotted Gum is also very durable. Most importantly, this Australian native hardwood is available in a range of colour that ranges from greens to browns. The wood shade colour is related to the area where the timber is originally from. You can found lighter shades of pigmentation in Queensland, while darker shades are located in NSW coasts.

    You can easily find this timber in a mixture of sizes and thickness. There are also differences in the grades you can choose from. Spotted Gum is popular among rural areas because of its fire rating.

    On the other hand, as popular as this hardwood decking timber is, it requires a lot of maintenance. It very quickly shrinks and swells under different conditions. We highly advise treating all sides of this natural timber decking board before usage.

    Jarrah Decking

    Originally from WA, Jarrah timber is considered for most Ozzies as the most popular natural decking wood option. Furthermore, because of its climate compatibility, many homeowners in Australia choose it for their outdoors installations.

    As a dense wood, Jarrahwood has excellent fire retardant natural properties. Likewise, due to its density, it’s also highly resistant to fungi and pest as well as premature rotting. In comparison with Merbau, Jarrah stains pretty well, and again, it works with oils.

    On the other hand, the life span of this decking timber is not as long as an Ironbark decking board. It could be challenging to work with, being at its best to work with while still green. Finally, Jarrah decking can be highly costly on maintenance,

    Blackbutt Decking

    Strength and durability are synonyms of Blackbutt decking timber. Both features are highly desired when it comes to building a pool deck. By selecting Blackbutt deck boards, your structure will stand the test of time.

    Likewise, Blackbutt is very pleasing to the eye. You will have a variety of golden yellow colours all the way to pale browns. With a straight grain and an even texture, this timber is the ideal choice for flooring and decking. Most importantly, it takes oil and stain very well.

    If you require more info about Blackbutt flooring material or any other of timber flooring get in touch with us. At Newcastle Decking, we will be delighted to give you advise.

    Ironbark Decking

    Australian native species, Ironbark is a prevalent hardwood option for decking installation. Incredible strength, this timber comes in different options like red ironbark decking as well as grey ironbark decking. As a result, getting its name from a eucalyptus tree, this wood is ideal for exterior usage.

    There are a few advantages of this material, being the most important one’s incredible durability and high pest resistance. It is also very suitable for bushfire-prone regions because of its fire-retardant properties. Ironbark decks tent to last for 40 years if adequately maintained.

    Susan from Maryland, 2287

    “We wanted to have the decking area around our pool. We’ve got a bunch of quotes from deferent builders, and Decking Newcastle wasn’t the cheapest one. We chose them because of the professionalism and confident they provide from the first contact we made.

    It was the best decision since we bought this house. These guys always show up on time, extremely prompt to answer all our questions and always very polite. The quality of our deck is excellent and will definitely recommend these guys. Thanks again”.

    Local Newcastle carpenter sanding a deck surface with a power sander tool

    Deck Maintenance

    Every deck needs a bit of love in order to last longer. Whether it is an extensive restoration or just need refinishing, we are a call away. Our professional carpenters are highly experienced in decking work, so they will know what needs to be done with a quick look of it.

    Decking Newcastle will transform your old deck into a brand new one. We come as the local deck restoration in the region. Years of experience give us the confidence to be able to bring your deck back to life.

    Firstly, our decking refinishing services are second to none. For instantly reviving your deck timber, having a restoration process done is a must. After inspecting your deck, our experts with advise you on the best course of action. We use the best quality product in order to assure you a brand new looking deck.

    Secondly, we all know that decks are exposed to the elements. Also, normal wear and tear of everyday life become more evident as time goes by. We provide comprehensive resurfacing services that include replacing damaged deck boards as well as railings and stairs.

    To sum up, we are your best bet when it comes to decking maintenance. From deck repair to new installation and design, we have the best rates in town. Call us today for your free assessment.


    “Decking Newcastle came to install a covered decking patio for us a few months ago. The finished product is a unique structure beautifully made in our backyard.

    From the sales guys to the project manager and the carpenters, every single one of them was professional and friendly. They went above and beyond to fulfil our desires. There was a detail explanation of the project from the start, and everything went according to that plan. 

    As an environmentally friendly family, we always try to do our best for the planet. We didn’t know there were recycled plastic deck boards available in the market. We jumped on board as soon as Peter mentioned them. They look exactly like natural timber”.

    “I cannot express enough gratitude to Peter from Decking Newcastle. I happen to work in the construction industry, so I kind of know the ins and outs of how to deal with builders. These guys were the most professional from the moment we engagement asking for a quote till the handing over of the deck. They always show up in time. Always prompt to answer all our question, as well as keeping us informed of any changes. Even the quote for the material was much better than what we were able to find. They didn’t waste a single day; they come to work even on those rainy days.

    Anyways, for a reliable, affordable and expert decking work get in touch with the guys at Decking Newcastle. You will regret it if you don’t.”

    “Peter, let me tell you that your job has been fantastic. I still remember the vivid vision that you painted for us the first day you visit our backyard. You change our lifestyle 180 degrees. From the excellent millboard decking price you’ve got for us to the vinyl deck railing, all was great. 

    The team of carpenters from Newcastle Decking that show up at our house was very professional from the first day. They finished the whole deck structure in no time. 

    My wife and I are thrilled with the final product and would like to wish the best for your business. We will definitely recommend Decking Newcastle to all our friends and family.”

    Get in touch with one of our deck carpenter experts today

    If you already make up your mind to get an enclosed deck for your home, then we are a phone call away. Our carpenters will provide every solution for your decking needs in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

    From brand new deck installation to decking maintenance, we have years of experience in the building industry. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

    Call or email us your enquiry. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Either for a quote or simple advice, Newcastle Decking is your friendly local builder. Also, check out Fencing in Banbury and Professional Fence Services.


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