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Carport Newcastle the Builder Contractor

Your car is an asset, and what better way to provide added protection to your investment than building a well-designed carport that also adds value to your home. Newcastle Carport and Garage Contractor is a reputable carport and garage builder that provides complete and affordable construction tailored to your needs.

Fading exterior paint during prolonged exposure is less of your worries when you have your car exposed to the elements. There’s also potential damage from hail storms, falling trees, bird manure, and salt rust. What’s more, it can potentially heat your steering wheel and seats after parking in the open sun.

With the help of an experienced and reputable Carport and Garage Contractor, your investment is under protection to the fullest. Plus, you’ll have an attractive and functional addition to your home.

Finding the Right Contractor

Try searching “carport construction near me”, You’ll find numerous contractors near your area alone. It means finding reputable carport garage builders is like finding gems among the gravel.

Newcastle Carport and Garage Builder is a licensed contractor who has been serving NSW and surrounding areas for _ years. As an established garage and carport installer, you’ve got that peace of mind and confidence that you get quality and professional workmanship.

Adding a carport to a house is a straightforward process, but why risk your vehicle’s safety and your investment when you can maximize the potential of your carport space with a reputable contractor.


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    Perks of a Custom-Designed Carport

    An advantage of getting an expert carport and garage builder is that you get a seamless install and not make your carport look like an afterthought. Despite matching your carport materials or colour with your existing house structure, if done without proper planning and design, you’ll end up having a bad-looking garage.

    More than an added protection for your car, a carport or garage have a significant impact on your home. If you’re planning to rent out your home, for instance, a carport is an attractive feature for your potential lessors. This also means it can take up the price and value of your property.

    Most homes have a garage but can only fit one or two cars. Building an added carport creates a safe and convenient parking space for your guests, not to mention it’s an affordable and quick solution.

    If you’ve been looking for a carport construction near me, then you’ve come to the right page. Newcastle Carport and Garage Contractor only works with verified workers and suppliers to guarantee all our clients with 100% satisfaction, no matter how complicated your carport or garage construction needs.

    Additional Carport and Garden Shed Features

    Newcastle Carport and Garage Contractor have done many carports install in and around the Newcastle area where the most requested feature homeowners want is extra storage.

    We can install garage freezers or pantry, tool cabinets or even a small gym, a built-in tool organizer, or a laundry area for larger garages. Our carport and garage builders maximize your space while creating a safe space for your vehicle.

    Carports plus additional features are versatile spaces that can be an ample living space and make a venue for gatherings or business meetings. Add an attractive patio, blinds, or screening options that are handcrafted and made to measure. You can also have a carport with a storage shed attached, making it an attractive outdoor living when your carport is not used.

    How about a second floor to be added above your garage? We can also build a garage that has provision for a second floor that’s great for an additional living space.


    Best Carport or Garage Design and Structure

    Adding a carport to a house is reasonably cheap since most of the sides are open, no flooring is needed, and it’s a quick installation process. The installation time varies on the requirements. A carport for accommodating a single car may take anywhere from two to four hours.

    Generally, carports can either be attached or detached from your house. You need to decide whether to opt for a stand-alone carport or have a carport on the side of your home. After which, you also need to pick the type of roof and materials to be used that will fit the structure.

    If you decide to have a carport on the side of a house, the skillion roof or flat-roofed carport are popular choices for roofs. They are easy to assemble and uses fewer materials. Also, the shed or flat roof is an ideal solar carport structure. This way, you can also utilize your aerial or vertical property. Gable roof is another preferred roof type because it looks good while it is easier to assemble, unlike other complicated designs.

    Do you want a more attractive carport design? Install a pergola carport to add charm to your home’s exterior.

    You have a range of choices for materials from traditional timber, metal, or plastic composite. The latter two are low maintenance and will suit your needs.

    Aside from pergola carport installation, Newcastle carport garage contractors also do repair and re-roofing. We also do the construction of a pergola carport over a driveway.

    The best sheds and carports are built to last long while looking good with your property. If you’ve been keying the phrase “carport installation near me”, then look no further. Newcastle carport and garage contractors make sure you get the best design solution that’s within your means.

    sngle car-spaced carport sheds besides the building

    Converting a Carport into Garage

    The great thing about a carport is that it can be readily converted into a garage once you have the budget or as your needs change. Turning a carport into a garage will add value and security to your property, and this next upgrade needs an excellent design to ensure a worthwhile investment.

    Converting a carport to a garage is generally not a complicated task as long as proper planning is done to make it a successful upgrade. Newcastle carport garage contractors only apply the best planning and design practices and ensure that everything is up to code.

    How about adding a garage with a carport? If you have space, adding a carport aside from having a garage has added benefits. Not only will you have an option of parking your vehicle either indoors or outdoors, but you can also utilize the space by adding other features such as storage. Talk to our experts if you need more information.

    A fully enclosed garage with a carport also offers a secured space for auto storage. You can also open up one side for accessibility that’s ideal for housing a trailer, boat, or farm equipment.

    Versatile as they are, garage with carports are great alternatives to outbuildings because they are relatively cheaper and faster to build than outbuildings. Since it offers a lot of storage capacity, a garage with a carport can hold larger and bulkier items such as machinery and equipment.

    a carport installed in a building for car protection

    Installation Procedure

    Hiring a professional carport builder or garage contractor ensures that you get the most out of your space and most importantly, to be structurally sound and enjoyed for many years to come. Please don’t rely on your vehicle’s safety with self-install, as it can cost you more in the long run.

    Most carports and garages are installed on a concrete slab, but if you prefer to have it later or use a different material, we need to properly level your flooring. We can add gravel or grass block pavers for your carport installation.

    A widespread preference by homeowners is using metal frames. Its easy and fast assembly makes an ideal option if you want a durable and low maintenance carport.

    When it comes to garages, this involves more complex materials as the four-walled structure will need doors. We usually use cinder blocks or other more durable materials for the siding that complements the rest of your home’s architecture. The installation takes longer for about a week or more to complete depending on your garage instalment’s features and size.

    If you are converting a carport into a garage, for instance, we’ll need to take part in your existing carport before laying out your new garage. Newcastle carport installation ensures that we maximize time and provide a quality outcome, that’s value for your money.

    steel carport Newcastle image with a plants on the side and on the roof

    Costs and construction estimations

    If you’ve already looked for “car sheds near me” on the web, you’re likely to come across many contractors who are offering outrageously cheap carport and garage installations. These can be attractive options but be aware of hidden fees or substandard materials.

    Dealing with reputable NSW contractors means you get the best materials and quality workmanship. Newcastle carport and garage contractor provides you with honest and transparent quotations without worrying about any hidden fees. Working with us means you can put more energy and focus on the project at hand.

    And because we are among the established local carport builders in NSW, we have built trust with top and reputable suppliers. We get special discounts and fast transactions with retail stores, then when we add the cost of the extra labour, you actually save more money and time when dealing with professional installers.

    So, how much does it cost for a custom-built carport? On average, it costs $6000 for a single carport to $20,000 or more for a double carport, depending on your requirements. Meanwhile, newly-built garages cost $1200 to $1680 per square meter, again depending on the materials and other specifications. For brick veneer which is a popular material for garages, expect to shell out $1200 to $1600 per square meter while full brick will be $1300 to $1680 per square meter.

    For converting a carport into a garage, expect a base price of $8,000 and $10,000 on the materials plus labour. Having your carport converted into a garage is on average 20% cheaper than building from scratch.

    best sheds carports installation Newcastle

    Permits and Regulations

    Carports and sheds are not considered as living spaces; therefore, do not need to conform to the standards used for constructing homes. Although, some types of carports require council approval, for instance, when building a carport more than 20 square meters in 300 square meters. While a carport 6×3 in meters (that’s equivalent to 18 square meters) you generally won’t need council approval. Although there are other variables to be considered other than the floor area, some major factors are enumerated below:

    Your carport is exempted for council approval if you meet the following standards:

    • Have a standard single carport structure
    • At least 1 meter behind the property boundary
    • Property Faces a public road.
    • Not located in a foreshore area, heritage item, or draft heritage item.

    For garages they are considered part of the living area, requiring both a permit and inspection. Construction details such as the need for flame-retardant and insulated walls or electrical installations must be up to code.

    As an experienced Newcastle carport and garage contractor, we guide our clients to obtain the necessary permits to ensure safe and warrantied project construction.

    carport sheds installation infront of a house entrance
    Newcastle carports providing sheds for several parked cars
    Carport and garage with hanging christmas lights
    carport installation Newcastle for commercial carport and sheds


    Will a Carport Add Value to my property?

    Your property can increase not more than $10,000 when adding a single car garage. While a carport may not significantly increase your property value, it does add an attractive feature for your potential buyers or renters.

    How many carports can you have?

    In North-South Wales you are allowed to have one carport for every residential dwelling on the site. If there is a primary and secondary dwelling on the lot, two carports can be provided.

    What is the allowed maximum height of a carport?

    A carport must not be higher than 3m above ground level (existing).

    Do you need a permit to convert a carport to a garage?

    Generally, you don’t need a permit for a carport to garage conversion provided that it does not involve enlarging the area of the building. But, if you intend to convert a garage into a separate living space, you are required for a planning permit.

    Adding a carport to the front of the garage, is it possible?

    Yes, but there are certain factors to be considered, especially when following the building code and its requirements.

    Do you need council approval for cutting or pruning trees or vegetation?

    Best to contact your council first to ensure you don’t violate any local regulations in your area.


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